2015 Super Bowl Commercials

I think that most of us watched the super bowl, but some of us payed more attention to the commercials… Personally, my favorite was the Clash of Clans commercial with Liam Neeson. Now, Liam Neeson usually stars in the serious action movies, but here he was promoting an animated game. At first I had no idea where this was going, but as he kept talking, I think we all came to a realization that he was talking about Clash of Clans. This was one of the funnier commercials, as opposed to some which were actually pretty sad.

As always, this year the super bowl commercials used humor to appeal to the audiences, but they also touched on the feelings and emotions of the viewers. Some of them brought up memories of old shows, or current problems in society.

The next one I thought was just adorable, it was the Friskies Dear Kitten commercial. It added humor, but also gave you that warm fuzzy feeling when the older cat was looking out for the new little kitten.


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